Cofferdam for Bridge Pier Construction

As our nation’s infrastructure ages, bridge building and repair work becomes more of a necessity. Cofferdams play a crucial role in these projects by diverting water from the site. Workers can have a dry, safe area to complete these time-consuming but essential tasks.

Portadam can supply your business with an expertly designed and solidly constructed cofferdam you can trust for bridge pier construction projects. We’ve been providing industry-leading water management solutions since 1974. Gain more peace of mind knowing you’re using cutting-edge technology validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Using Cofferdams for Bridge Pier Construction Work

Cofferdams are enclosures built within a body of water that allow workers to pump water out of a specific area. When used in bridge construction and repair applications, cofferdams create a dry location beneath the surface to work on underwater sections of the structure. Crews can perform their tasks efficiently with no concerns about leakage or penetration.

Benefits of Cofferdams for Bridge Pier Construction Projects

Implementing cofferdams provides several advantages when working on bridge piers:

  • Provides a reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly dewatering solution
  • Creates a safe work environment to protect workers throughout the project
  • Offers a portable water removal option that crews can install and disassemble quickly and efficiently
  • Available for rent on a project-by-project basis, preventing the need for a long-term investment
  • Saves time and labor and eliminates hauling and storage issues because the water required to fill cofferdams is already on-site

Our cofferdam equipment enables contractors to responsibly perform their in-water work in a dry condition. Our system can also be an integral part of your floodfighting plan. Additionally, our above-ground water storage systems provide custom sized, large capacity solutions for energy and industrial applications.

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