Water Storage


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Water Storage

Portadams’ engineered temporary, portable custom-made water storage allows for maximized water storage capacity by the nature of its versatile design, capable of fluid retention up to 12 feet. Its non-penetrating design is engineered to the most efficient footprint possible to meet your large-volume water storage requirements. A modular system utilizing a steel support frame lined with a LLDPE fabric membrane, each water storage solution is designed to fit your existing space, no matter its shape. By eliminating the empty gap between frac tanks, the Portadam water storage maximizes capacity using available space. It also avoids the need for complex, leak-prone manifold systems.

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Key Characteristics Of Water Storage

  • Cost-effective
  • Custom design
  • No size limitation
  • Flexible shapes for challenging industrial sites and applications
  • Low environmental risk
  • Portable for multi-phase projects
  • Unlimited capacity
water storage

45,000 Bbl Basin for Pipeline Hydrotest

Application for Custom-Design Water Storage

  • Water Treatment plants
  • Hydrostatic Testing for Pipelines
  • Chemical Spill Cleanup
  • Energy Exploration and Production
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Oil and Gas Plants
  • Mining Operations
  • Film Production
  • Remote Locations
  • Military
  • Disaster Relief and Emergencies
  • Firefighters and First Responders

Water Storage Consultation

Portadam’s Water Storage Solution is a non-penetrative, topical solution that effectively eliminates the need for blasting and excavation, decreasing the disturbance of the area. Not only creating a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution, Portadam’s Water Storage above-ground design directly mitigates the difficulties found related to unsuitable soil, geology, and hydrological conditions. Protecting the land, our solution ensures little to no disturbance of the groundwater table and eliminates the concern of acid mining drainage (AMD). Furthermore, its portable, temporary design reduces the trucking and logistical design compared to other market options, effectively reducing the road wear and need for bonding roads —ensuring a sustainable solution from start to end, protecting the environment through implementation and use.

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