Portadam’s temporary proprietary cofferdam system, the Portadam®, is one of the world’s most advanced portable water diversion solutions.

Since it is deployed as a free-standing structure without penetrating the ground, it does not cause environmental harm. At the heart of the system are fully engineered modular steel frames complemented by a nylon-reinforced impervious PVC fabric liner, protecting the work area from the water —and the water from the work area. The engineered structure can retain up to 12 feet of water, separating the loading and unobstructed work area from the water body.

The engineered Portadam® cofferdam system can be installed in virtually any configuration, providing open space behind the barrier and allowing clear access to the dry areas. Its flexible design is engineered for custom solutions and engineered to work in the most complex situations.

Key Characteristics

  • Cost-effective
  • Scheduling Advantages
  • Budget/Cost Savings
  • Reusable
  • Engineered
  • Eco-friendly
  • No Ground Penetration

A clean and reusable system reducing both environmental risk and cost, creating a safe environment for workers in submerged areas.

Benefits of the Portadam® cofferdam:

  • A cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to traditional sandbags and sheet piling.
  • A proprietary, impenetrable wall withstanding flowing water.
  • A temporary structure consisting of ready-to-install free-standing sections, which can be placed in any configuration.
  • A proprietary design engineered to ensure performance even in the most challenging conditions.

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Applications for Temporary Cofferdams

Temporary cofferdams can serve various purposes. Examples include:

  • Bridges and Dams: Portable cofferdam systems reduce or eliminate many inherent dangers when performing bridge/dam repair or maintenance work.
  • Pipeline Crossings: Creating the dry environment required for the installation and repair of pipelines (oil, utility, and other), Portadam temporary cofferdams keep the environment and people safe.
  • Boat Ramps: Creating effective water barriers to keep the location safe and dry, cofferdams provide a fast solution for dewatering areas to repair or install a boat ramp.
  • Canals: By blocking the water in a canal -whether earthen or concrete, Portadam temporary cofferdams keep the work area dry, protecting both personnel and equipment.
  • Sheet Pile Wraps: Sheet pile sets are often difficult to seal. Portadam’s custom sheet pile wraps can accelerate the project schedule by reducing pump down times.
  • Shoreline Restoration/Stabilization: Serving as a barrier between the shoreline and the water, Portadam temporary cofferdams can allow the work to proceed on schedule.

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