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Cofferdams for dam construction

Repairing and constructing dams often requires crews to pump water from the site. Cofferdams provide a protective barrier that enables workers to perform this challenging task safely and efficiently.

Portadam is your single source for a cofferdam for dam construction applications that will keep your workers safe and provide them with dry working conditions. We’ve been a leader in developing water management and flood protection solutions for industrial and commercial applications since 1974.

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About Cofferdams for Dam Construction

A dam construction or repair project typically requires the implementation of two cofferdams — one upstream and one downstream of the proposed site. This process creates a dry environment where crews can perform the necessary functions quickly and efficiently while alleviating safety concerns. Upon project completion, workers remove the downstream coffer while flooding the upstream coffer to fill the reservoir.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Cofferdams for Dam Construction Projects?

Examples of the many advantages of using cofferdams for dam work and other water-related construction projects include:

  • Creates optimum working conditions: Cofferdams enable crews to work efficiently and safely, resulting in increased productivity and faster project completion times.
  • Provides peace of mind: Working in and around water poses significant dangers. By creating a safe work environment, cofferdams allow workers to focus on the task at hand.
  • Gives you easy access to fill material: Since cofferdams often use water for filling, you’ll already have what you need at the site, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Offers an eco-friendly option: Cofferdams are reusable, reducing product waste. Companies that choose them for their dam construction and repair projects can reduce their environmental footprint.

Water. Sometimes it’s where you don’t want it. Other times it’s not where you need it. Portadam engineered system offers temporary solutions to both problems.

Our cofferdam equipment enables contractors to responsibly perform their in-water work in a dry condition. Portadam system can also be an integral part of your floodfighting plan – having been validated by the US Army Corps. Additionally, our above-ground water storage systems provide custom sized, large capacity solutions for energy and industrial applications.

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