Portadam’s rapidly deployed, easy to use, reusable, and eco-friendly flood protection, the FloodDefender® is the company’s latest engineered and patented technology — based on the engineering principles behind the tried and tested Portadam®. Designed to meet customers’ key needs: a 48” tall system covering a perimeter of 150 linear feet can be rapidly deployed within an hour by a team of four. A system of this size can be stored in a single ~6’x 4’ x4’ portable, stackable crate —easy to store and transport. The FloodDefender® is a proactive solution for keeping physical structures and people safely away from water.

FloodDefender® is fully engineered to meet and exceed ANSI/FM 2510, AISC 14th edition, and ASCE 7-10 Standards. It is composed of a structural steel frame lined with an impervious fabric, utilizing hydrostatic pressure to divert the water body from physical structures while protecting the safety of people.

Key Characteristics

  • Rapid Development
  • Low Labor Requirement
  • Compact Storage
  • Reusable
  • Quick Removable
  • Withstanding fast, flowing water
  • Works on uneven terrain
  • No heavy equipment required

Benefits of the FloodDefender®

A system designed for risk mitigation solutions for assets posed by flood threats, fully engineered to meet and exceed ANSI 2510, AISC 14th edition, and ASCE 7-10 Standards.

  • Resistance to Overturning
  • Resistance to Sliding
  • Frame Stress Analysis
  • Fabric Stress Analysis
  • Hydrostatic loading creates a seal to the surrounding ground
  • Redistributes Load vertically and downward to secure the structure

Applications for Proactive Flood Protection Systems

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Power & Utility plans and assets
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Historical sites
  • Cultural Assets
  • Educational properties
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Military installations
  • Government facilities

Flood Risk Consultation

Our flood risk consultation includes a complex flood risk analysis based on your location and proprietary scientific analysis. The Portadam team consults with clients one-on- one to provide a complete assessment of their current and future needs and can bring other solutions to bear if required. If requested, our professionals can utilize the most advanced predictive technologies to analyze an organization’s flood risk and create a proactive plan to prepare for the next and future floods. Backed by 50 years of expertise controlling water, our proactive solution also includes a comprehensive implementation plan and rigorous initial and ongoing training. In an ever-changing precipitation environment and rising water, it is crucial for organizations to frequently re-assess flood risks to ensure that flood protection plans will meet the challenges of an ever-changing climate.

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