Sheet Pile Wraps

Cofferdam Sheet Piling Wrap

Sheet Pile Wraps

Cofferdams often contain sheet pile wraps to provide dewatering for various underwater construction and repair projects. These structures provide a safe, dry environment for work crews. The prefabricated sheet sections have interlocking edges that ensure easy installation and assembly. Workers can arrange them in virtually any shape or configuration to achieve the desired result.

Portadam can provide high-quality cofferdams with sheet pile wraps that will add value to your construction projects. We’ve been offering reliable flood protection and water management services since 1974. Trust us to provide a custom solution that protects your mission-critical assets.

Sheet Pile Wrap Washburn, ND

Our Collaborative Approach to Dock Piling Wraps

As a full-service flood protection and water storage company, Portadam will work closely with your project management teams to deliver a custom pile wrap result. We’ll develop an understanding of your unique sheeting layout, site requirements and desired dewatering results and use this information to recommend the best solution.

Portadam will also deploy an experienced diving team to execute your pile wrap installation project. We’ll install the fabrics securely, enabling you to pump the work area completely dry before starting your project.

Sheet Pile Wrap Langhorn, PA

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Us for Sheet Pile Wraps?

Partnering with Portadam for sheet pile wraps offers multiple benefits:

  • The ability to create custom shapes and sizes ensures a precise, leak-free fit.
  • Our experienced dive team can perform a fast, flawless installation.
  • The watertight seals result in reduced pumping capacity requirements.

Water. Sometimes it’s where you don’t want it. Other times it’s not where you need it. Portadam engineered system offers temporary solutions to both problems.

Our cofferdam equipment enables contractors to responsibly perform their in-water work in a dry condition. Portadam system can also be an integral part of your floodfighting plan – having been validated by the US Army Corps. Additionally, our above-ground water storage systems provide custom sized, large capacity solutions for energy and industrial applications.

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