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Shoreline Stabilization Structures

Shoreline erosion is an issue in lakes, streams, rivers and coastal areas. Shoreline restoration projects typically consist of various stabilization practices to control erosion and minimize the damage. Depending on the situation, these remedies can encompass the installation of architectural walls, geoliners, gabion structures and bulkheads to protect soils and unstable banks from waves and rushing water.

Installing these structures requires dewatering the designated areas to provide better control during excavation and ensure the most efficient construction techniques. Cofferdams play an essential role in this process by allowing for water removal for the entire shoreline or targeted locations.

Cofferdam for a Private Residence Seawall Reconstruction

Portadam: The Best Source for Shoreline Stabilization Cofferdams

At Portadam, we’ve been providing effective, reliable water management solutions since 1974. Our engineered and modular systems offer flexibility for use with a wide range of dewatering applications, including shoreline erosion control projects. Use them to create a dry, safe environment that allows crews to increase productivity and complete the job faster.

The benefits of using cofferdams with shoreline erosion control products include:

  • Quick, easy installation: Cofferdams set up quickly and easily — the water does most of the work!
  • Readily available fill material: You don’t need to spend time, effort and money on shipping materials to fill the cofferdams. The water you need is already at the site and in an abundant supply.
  • Pliable design: The flexibility of the cofferdam design enables it to mold to the physical environment, whether you’re performing shoreline stabilization at a lake, river or stream.
  • No leakage: Cofferdams form an airtight seal to prevent water from escaping.
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