Water Storage Overview

Large volume water storage is a critical component of water management strategies.

Portadam’s proven engineered water storage system allows you to maximize your water storage capacity by nature of its versatile design.

Unlike round basins, it can be custom fit to your existing space – even if it is irregular-shaped. You will gain significant water storage volume by eliminating the empty corners left by round tanks or the empty gaps between frac tanks. There is also no need for a costly & inefficient manifold system required for multiple frac tanks or round tanks.

This system has been a key component of optimized pad designs across North America. It enables you to achieve the smallest, most efficient footprint possible to meet your large volume water storage requirements. There is no size limitation associated with this modular system, allowing it to hold an unlimited capacity. These factors make the system an economical alternative to costly earthen impoundments, large circular tanks and frac tanks.