Casino Case Study

“It worked fantastic, and we felt we could have easily stayed dry even if the river had risen two to three feet more.”

– Cecil Hanks, Director of Facilities


Spring thaw and rains caused the Mississippi River to swell and flooding of the casino property was eminent. The crest was expected to be a record of 48′ or more. When the Mississippi River topped the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta levee in Tunica, Miss., the Casino & Hotel was one of several resorts inundated. Portadam flood fighting solutions were brought in by the Casino and were able to keep the water at bay.


Approximately 2,500 lineal feet of the 5-foot high version of Portadam’s portable cofferdam system was air lifted to the property due to flooding on the entrance road. Two Portadam supervisors teamed with the crew on the ground at the casino and the entire flood protection system was set up in about three days.


Hanks says the property saved itself valuable time and countless thousands of dollars in lost revenue and water damage. “No one is ever excited to find out that they could be flooded,” Hanks said. “With our property sitting on the riverbank, completely exposed, we knew we had to get a jump on the situation quickly if we were to keep our property protected. Just knowing that Portadam had enough product to surround the property was a welcome feeling.”

Excerpted from Architecture, Construction & Design, August 2011

Video of the Casino
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