Wastewater Treatment Plant Flooding Protection

Wastewater and water treatment facilities are often vulnerable to flooding when not sufficiently protected. When tropical storms, excessive snow melting or tidal surges occur, these treatment plants face the possibility of power outages and downtime that can affect thousands of people. As the frequency of flooding increases, these organizations must implement effective flood risk mitigation solutions to prevent service disruption.

At Portadam, our professional team has decades of experience designing superior flood protection solutions for a comprehensive industry range, including wastewater treatment plants. We can evaluate your facility and vulnerabilities to help determine the most effective flood risk mitigation solution.

Portadam Flood Risk Mitigation Solutions

Portadam flood protection solutions involve much more than putting barriers in place to block floodwater. We offer comprehensive analyses and site surveys to determine the most efficient and practical solution for your facility’s requirements. Rather than use a cookie-cutter approach like some companies, we customize a mitigation strategy for each project we undertake.

Our flood risk mitigation solutions involve different sizes of artificial barriers to prevent wastewater treatment plant flooding. We design these systems based on our site survey analysis, ensuring you receive the most effective flood risk mitigation solution.

The modularity of our systems allows your organization to reconfigure the structure seasonally or according to flood risk. Easy assembly saves you significant time and labor over installing conventional flood protection systems, like sandbags and levees. We utilize the most durable components and materials to ensure many years of reliable use.

Benefits of Protecting Your Facility With Our Flood Risk Mitigation Systems

At Portadam, we take an innovative approach to determining the most effective flood protection solutions by using our decades of engineering experience with some of the industry’s most advanced technology. Our systems contain components in various sizes to accommodate different obstruction types and structural elements. We consider your property’s entire layout to design a customized solution for your facility.

Several benefits of our risk mitigation systems are:

  • Enhancing your company’s sustainability through reusable parts.
  • Reducing the time you spend setting up and disassembling for flood risk mitigation.
  • Minimizing cleanup costs.
  • Reducing potential lost production time.
  • Eliminating or minimizing the cost of water damage to facilities, equipment and inventory.

Trust Portadam to Prevent Wastewater Treatment Plant Flooding

At Portadam, we strive to provide the most practical and efficient flood risk mitigation solutions for your wastewater plant and other industrial facilities. We use the industry’s most advanced tools and engineering strategies, including site-specific analyses and surveys, to help determine your unique needs. Contact us online today to discover the many benefits our services can offer your organization.

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