Temporary Flood Protection Overview

The most extensive history of implementing temporary water control solutions in the world.

Portadam has been providing temporary water diversion
solutions for more than five decades. The knowledge and expertise protecting critical infrastructure, as well as commercial and industrial property gained during that time is unparalleled.

Working with owners, engineers and property managers, our team of exceptional, safety-minded professionals draws on that extensive experience to identify the unique, site-specific requirements of your project. This in-depth understanding enables Portadam to create the most innovative, robust and cost-effective flood risk mitigation solutions for your property.

Full-service flood protection provider.

Portadam offers you the level of service and support you desire. First and foremost, we offer the expert flood protection knowledge on a consultative basis. Additionally, we can help you obtain a flood risk analysis report on your location based on proprietary scientific analysis. A comprehensive flood protection implementation plan can also be developed by our expert team.
We can then design and deliver the best flood protection system to
protect your property. Our experts can provide initial and subsequent annual refresher training to your on-site team to ensure proper deployment when required. If needed, we have the teams to install and remove the customized
system. You have the flexibility to select the best combination of our
full-service offerings to meet your exact requirements.

Portadam is your partner in flood risk mitigation, and your team can turn to us for more than a one-time acquisition of a reliable product. Count on our professionals to deliver unmatched support for essential flood protection processes.

Our portfolio of modular, engineered systems enables custom configurations.

Flat and level is never the norm. The flexibility engineered into our deployable  flood protection barriers allows us to utilize components with different heights to accommodate varying surface elevations and obstructions. Our site surveys allow us to customize a solution to conform to the specific conditions of your location, giving you the confidence that you will be deploying the best temporary flood protection system possible.

Quick setup & removal and reusability of our systems are unparalleled.

The time it takes to deploy and to remove the system is a fraction of that of sandbags/supersacks and other labor intensive systems. The crews and equipment requirements for deployment are significantly less as well. In contrast to rudimentary methods such as sand bags, our systems are reusable and don’t require additional time and costs that are inherent with disposal logistics (cleanup/transport/dumping) of sandbags or other fill-based devices. Designed for a long life, the systems are constructed of high-quality, durable steel or lightweight aluminum. The life expectancy of the core components of our flood protection system is many decades. The resilient impervious fabrics can be deployed and reused many times before replacement is a consideration. This reduces the annualized cost of protection significantly.

Compact design for ease of storage, transport and deployment.

The systems are engineered in a manner that allows for transport to a location and onsite with ease. The design is such that the systems require the minimum amount of storage space for the maximum amount of protection near high risk areas. For example: 150 linear feet of 48” height protection can be stored in a single 6’ x 4’ x 4’ portable, stackable crate and deployed by a crew of four in an hour or less.

Some seasons are rainier than others. With ease of storage and transportation, you can store your flood protection system close by so it is ready when you need it.

Rigorously tested and certified.

If the US Army Corps of Engineers can trust our temporary flood protection systems, so can you. Whether you need a flood protection barrier for your industrial space or your commercial property, you can expect a high-performance product with standards-based engineering to prove it.

A long-term investment worth every penny.

When facilities face flood risks, they might confront damage to high-value equipment or need to stop critical processes that serve their region. Staying up and running regardless of the weather is essential for all types of companies, and temporary flood protection measures can provide that peace of mind for fluvial, pluvial and storm-surge flooding.

Contact Portadam for a temporary flood protection system.

Portadam provides more than products — we are your partner in all flood protection measures. While our engineered products offer the reliable performance you need for flood events, we can prepare you even further for hurricane season. Turn to Portadam for site surveys, flood risk analysis and more to feel secure and ready for the next heavy rain.

Request a quote or a site survey today, or contact us for more information about our products and services.

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