Flood Protection Overview

The Portadam system can be used to divert floodwaters away from key infrastructure such as healthcare facilities, emergency response centers, treatment plants, power plants, substations, and reservoirs. The flexibility of the equipment enables quick installation on unprepared surfaces and along almost any desired line. We have a history of successfully preventing damage from flood waters.

Our rental solution provides tremendous value and eliminates the need for expensive purchases. Additionally, our rapid response approach means protection when needed.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has fully tested and vetted the system. Results of tests were so convincing that they decided to purchase and include the Portadam system in their arsenal of flood fighting tools.

Normal facility/plant operations can continue during installation. The skeletal steel framework system can be pre-installed with the liner being placed only at the final moments. The equipment is offered in standard heights of 5′ or 7′ high to allow for the desired measure of protection.

Existing levees can be raised with Portadam, which is one-tenth the weight of standard sandbag extensions and installs in a fraction of the amount of time.

Key Advantages 

  • Flexible design allows custom layout
  • Rental option eliminates Capital Expense
  • Rapid Response provides flexibility
  • Quicker, less manpower and equipment for setup/removal than sandbags
  • Minimal Right of Way required