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The most extensive history [over four decades] of implementing temporary water control solutions around the world.

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Temporary Flood Protection Overview

We have the most extensive history [over four decades] of implementing temporary water control solutions around the world. The knowledge and expertise protecting critical infrastructure, as well as commercial and residential property gained during that time is unparalleled.

Working with owners, engineers, and property managers, our team of exceptional, safety-minded professionals draws on that extensive experience to identify the unique, site-specific requirements of your project. This in-depth understanding enables Portadam to create the most innovative, robust, and cost-effective flood risk mitigation solutions for your property.


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Flood Protection Provider

Portadam offers you the level of service and support you desire.

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Featured Projects

Flood Prevention Projects

Hartsville, South Carolina

With the assistance of Portadam, Sonoco’s team was able to properly deploy almost 5,000 linear feet of flood protection equipment relative to the deployment locations and team assignments. By providing proper equipment, action plans, and training for different risk levels, the Sonoco team has been able to successfully manage two potential flooding incidents since Hurricane Matthew. During those deployments, visual aids enabled the Sonoco employees to deploy effectively, and in both cases they were able to deploy quickly resulting in no damage to their Hartsville manufacturing facility.

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DCO Energy Switch gear & fuel oil pump room flood protection

Flood Prevention Projects

Atlantic City, New Jersey

DCO Energy Switch gear & fuel oil pump room flood protection. This building supplied electricity to 2 casinos for their security after they were evacuated for the impending Hurricane Irene 320 LF of 7’ high Portadam installed August 2011.

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portadam in Richmond, British Columbia

Flood Prevention Projects

Richmond, British Columbia

This Portadam was installed to prevent the British Columbia Transmission Corp (BC Hydro) Ingledow Sub Station from flooding from the rising waters of the Fraser River due to ice melt in the mountains. Installed 740 lf of 7’ high Portadam in May of 2007.

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Quick Setup Removal & Reusability Of Our Systems are Unparalleled.

The time it takes to deploy and remove the system is a fraction of that of sandbags/super sacks and other labor-intensive systems. The crews and equipment requirements for deployment are significantly less as well. In contrast to rudimentary methods such as sandbags, our systems are reusable and don’t require additional time and costs that are inherent with disposal logistics. Designed for a long life, the systems are constructed of high-quality, durable steel or lightweight aluminum. The life expectancy of the core components of our flood protection system is many decades.

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Compact design for ease of storage, transport, and deployment.

The systems are engineered in a manner that allows for transport to a location and onsite with ease. The design is such that the systems require the minimum amount of storage space for the maximum amount of protection near high-risk areas.

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Temporary Flood Protection System

Portadam provides more than products — we are your partner in all flood protection measures. Our engineered products offer the reliable performance you need for flood events. Turn to Portadam for site surveys, flood risk analysis and more to feel secure and ready for the next deluge.

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