Flood Protection for Industrial and Commercial Businesses

You can take precautions like creating a continuity plan or be even more proactive by investing in flooding barriers, such as the Portadam system. This system is quick to set up and customizable for the best possible results. Continue reading to discover how you can protect your business from flooding.

Precautions You Can Take Today

Protecting your commercial business from flooding is of the utmost importance if your company is located in a coastal area or otherwise experiences frequent flooding. Here are some steps you can take to protect your business today:

Create a Continuity Plan

With the right continuity plan, your business can continue work in the wake of a potentially devastating flood. If you are in a flood-prone area, you’ll want to take the following measures:

  • Assess what’s at risk: Parts of your property might be covered by insurance, but you should still compile a list of the different at-risk items. These can include aspects of your property — like windows and carpets — but can also encapsulate things like computers, telephones and paperwork.
  • Make backups: You can back up essential data more frequently, which will protect your assets should water get inside your company.
  • Prepare an alternative workplace: One of the best ways to ensure business continues in the wake of a flood is to prepare an alternative workplace. This will let you get work done even if you can not work in your usual location.
  • Keep your customers or clients updated: If a flood causes delays or changes in your company’s open hours, have someone on standby to continually update your website and social media pages so your customers do not feel left in the dark should they need you.
  • Find a place to house backup equipment: You may choose to keep your backup systems in the same place as your alternative workplace. Wherever you choose, you should make sure these systems are kept safe and continually maintained.

A continuity plan ensures business practices can continue should there be a flood in your area. If you don’t already have a plan, gather a team to start creating one today.

Consider New Construction or Renovations

There are also preventive measures you can take during the construction phase of your business. You might be able to renovate your current building to implement these measures, too.

You can protect your business from flooding by:

  • Raising the building: Architects can build structures above the flood level to minimize any damage caused by flooding. You can use a tool designed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to find the flood level elevation in a specific area.
  • Installing new windows: Hurricane glass windows are designed to withstand heavy rain and wind and can protect your business from flooding.
  • Flood-resistant building materials: Building with flood-resistant materials like concrete, ceramic tile, glazed brick and water-resistant glue can also add necessary protection against flooding.

Install Flood Barriers 

Floor barriers are one of the most effective methods to protect your commercial business from flooding. Flood barriers are excellent temporary solutions for your business, and the best systems can be modified to fit your company’s specific needs.

Many people use sandbags to protect structures against flooding. Building a barrier out of sandbags is very simple. However, the sandbag method is extremely labor intensive, and the sandbags are non-reusable, making them a less-than-sustainable option for your business.

Commercial flood barriers are an effective alternative. Some examples of flood barriers can include:

  • Flood gates or panels.
  • Inflatable bladder dams.
  • Traditional cofferdam solutions.
  • Flood barrier systems from Portadam.

The flood barrier systems from Portadam provide an effective, more sustainable and cost-effective option. At Portadam, we combine our expert knowledge with a proven flood barrier system to provide your business with the best possible protection against flooding.

When to Install Flood Barriers

Having the flood barriers in place early will help eliminate stress and give you peace of mind. While there is no specific flood season, coastal areas experience the most flooding during hurricane season — from June to November.

The importance of flood barriers is amplified when coupled with climate change’s effect on rain events. Two 1-in-1,000-year rain events occurred in the U.S. within two days in July 2022, so adequate flood protection is critical for keeping your business safe.

Benefits of Portadam Flood Barriers

The experts at Portadam can provide the most comprehensive commercial flood protection for your business. Our systems have been known to divert floodwater from key infrastructure and can minimize the damage to your company due to flooding.

Working with Portadam to create an effective temporary flooding barrier has the following benefits:

  • Tested and certified: The Portadam system is made of lightweight aluminum or durable steel. It was also vetted and tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to ensure maximum protection. The system performed so well that the USACE decided to purchase 5,000 linear feet of the system themselves!
  • Easy to store and transport: Our rapidly deployable flood barrier systems can be easily transported and stored at any at-risk facility with minimal storage space requirements.
  • Quick setup: The flood barrier system at Portadam can be deployed rapidly, making it a much quicker alternative to methods like sandbags. Our systems are also much less labor intensive and can be set up quickly without huge amounts of equipment or a large team.
  • Custom configurations: At Portadam, we understand not every location will be completely flat, which is why our flood barrier system is completely customizable to accommodate varying elevations.
  • Full-service team: You can combine our services to create the perfect plan for your business. Whether you want flood consulting services, a comprehensive flood protection implementation plan or a flood risk analysis report, our team can help!

Contact Portadam Today for Your Flood Protection Needs

The possibility of flooding at your company can create stress and unease during the warmer months. With Portadam, you can find peace of mind knowing you’re working with flood protection technology that is validated and trusted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Portadam has provided comprehensive, safe and cost-effective industrial and commercial flood protection services and water management solutions since 1974. We can work right alongside your site personnel to create a custom solution that will protect your mission-critical assets.

Explore some of our recent projects, or request a quote for your business today!


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