Telecom Infrastructure Flood Protection

Extreme weather and flooding often damage telecom infrastructure, and when data centers become inoperable, utility companies and local businesses lose millions of dollars due to the resulting downtime. Because of the increased frequency of flooding, municipalities and utility providers must work together to implement the most practical flood risk mitigation solutions.

Portadam is a global leader in designing and implementing highly effective flood protection systems for a diverse industry range, including telecom infrastructure. Our experienced team can evaluate your location to implement the best possible flood protection strategy.

About Portadam Flood Protection Solutions

At Portadam, our services involve more than supplying barriers to mitigate flooding risks. We offer top-class consultation services, including remote and on-site surveys that help determine the optimal system for your application. Our solutions are entirely customizable based on your unique needs.

Our flood protection solutions involve engineered barriers of varying heights to handle different elevations and site conditions. We design our systems relative to the results of our site surveys, ensuring you receive the most effective solution.

Because our systems are modular, they are an ideal solution for deployable protection during seasons when flooding is prevalent. Simple setup and disassembly save your organization money and time over working with conventional flood risk mitigation methods. Our systems are fully customizable to assemble in the specific configuration you need. Portadam systems are also sustainable because they’re reusable many times over.

Advantages of Portadam’s Flood Risk Mitigation Solutions

We deliver the industry’s most effective and innovative flood protection solutions by leveraging years of engineering experience with high-performance components and materials. Our barriers range in height from 16 inches to 12 feet to accommodate a broad range of site requirements. Because of our innovative approach to each project we undertake, our customized solutions stand out from the standardized systems provided by similar flood protection providers.

Several benefits of our risk mitigation solutions include:

  • Reducing the cost of water damage to your facilities, equipment and inventory.
  • Minimizing the cost of cleaning up after floods.
  • Lessening lost production time.
  • Reducing the time spent setting up and disassembling your flood risk mitigation solutions.
  • Increasing your sustainability with reusable components.

Choose Portadam to Protect Your Infrastructure From Flooding

If your organization requires flood risk mitigation protection for telecom infrastructure or a similar application, Portadam is a perfect choice. Our long history of water control expertise offers evidence of the effectiveness of our superior solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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