Portadam® Inc., the national water control solutions company, today announced that FM Approvals has certified the company’s FloodDefender® flood risk mitigation technology, successfully meeting and exceeding the rigorous ANSI/FM 2510 series of tests.

“With more and more commercial, public, and industrial properties becoming impacted by flooding,” said Charles Mahall, a Senior Engineer with FM Approvals, “the need for choosing tested and certified flood protection solutions has never been greater.”


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Flood Protection

Portadam, a full-service flood protection provider offers you the level of service and support you desire.  With our significant history of controlling water we bring real experience and expertise to the table, ensuring you get the right flood protection solution for your needs.

First and foremost, we offer expert flood protection knowledge on a consultative basis. We will work hand in hand with your site personnel, taking the time to understand your needs.  Having done so we can help you obtain a flood risk analysis report on your location based on proprietary scientific analysis. A comprehensive flood protection implementation plan can then be developed by our expert team. We can then design and deliver the best flood protection system to protect your property. Our experts can provide initial and subsequent annual refresher training to your on-site team to ensure proper rapid deployment when required. You have the flexibility to select the best combination of our full-service offerings to meet your exact requirements.

Our portfolio of rapidly deployable, modular, engineered systems enables custom configurations. We know that flat and level topography is never the norm when it comes to a campus or large facility. The flexibility engineered into our flood protection systems allows us to utilize components with different heights to accommodate varying surface elevations and obstructions. Our site surveys allow us to customize a solution to conform to the specific conditions of your location, giving you the confidence that you will be deploying the best temporary flood protection system possible.


For over four decades, Portadam has been utilized as an effective temporary cofferdam solution providing contractors a dry work condition while saving both time and money.

Traditional cofferdam and water diversion approaches are often specified to allow the work to take place in the dry, but these can be very cumbersome – from a cost, environmental and scheduling perspective. Subsurface conditions, site conditions, site access and logistics often pose significant challenges to identifying the optimal design of a comprehensive engineered solution.

Our engineered system has been used in over 5000 water-related projects both nationally and internationally. The Portadam system has no environmental impact due to its freestanding nature. Additionally, no ground penetration is typically required, thereby minimizing subsurface risk (environmental, cost and schedule) usually associated with sheet piling. An added benefit is that dewatering of excavated material is minimized.

Water Storage

Large volume water storage is a critical component of water management strategies.

Portadam’s proven engineered water storage system allows you to maximize your water storage capacity by nature of its versatile design.

Unlike round basins, it can be custom fit to your existing space – even if it is irregular-shaped. You will gain significant water storage volume by eliminating the empty corners left by round tanks or the empty gaps between frac tanks. There is also no need for a costly & inefficient manifold system required for multiple frac tanks or round tanks.

This system has been a key component of optimized pad designs across North America. It enables you to achieve the smallest, most efficient footprint possible to meet your large volume water storage requirements. There is no size limitation associated with this modular system, allowing it to hold an unlimited capacity. These factors make the system an economical alternative to costly earthen impoundments, large circular tanks and frac tanks.

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