Skanska Case Study

“The efforts and expertise of Portadam and Rain for Rent was an important factor in helping us complete this project– despite challenging environmental conditions.” –Brent Hunt, Skanska Project Manager


Coordinated efforts were required to meet the demands of a multiple phase project during a bridge reconstruction over Huguenot River road. There were also extremely volatile flow conditions with very rocky and irregular subsurface conditions that required a four phase dewatering project.


Portadam provided a 10’ high system, diversion dams, fabric wraps, extra bracing equipment and unique fabric materials. Rain for Rent provided settling tanks to meet strict environmental regulations and a variety of pump capacities. Both companies were intricately involved in daily scheduling and planning meetings –to allow for proper contractor coordination.


As a result of these highly coordinated efforts, Portadam & Rain for Rent’s safe, fast and effective implementation allowed the successful completion of all four phases despite overwhelming site conditions.

  • Bridge reconstruction over Huguenot River road.
  • Extremely volatile flow conditions with  very rocky and irregular subsurface  conditions.
  • Four phase dewatering project to allow the construction of four bridge piers. Coordinated efforts required to meet the demands of a multiple phase project.