For over 35 years, the Portadam system has been, and continues to be, recognized as providing one of the most environmentally friendly products whether the application is a temporary cofferdam, flood protection system or water storage solution.

The cofferdam application drastically reduces the amount of turbidity in the waterway as it does not penetrate the subsurface or rely on earthen materials to create the cofferdam. A Portadam cofferdam uses a nylon reinforced PVC membrane and a metal frame assembly and all components parts are easily removed from the waterway upon completion of the project; so nothing is left behind. Upon completion of the project, all component parts are returned to a Portadam facility and are washed, repaired and 100% inspected to ensure both product integrity and the removal of all foreign materials prior to shipment to the next job site. This eliminates the concern of cross contamination between job sites and from waterway to waterway.

The Flood Protection system is eco-friendly with no land/subsurface disturbance and easy set-up.  A straightforward assembly process ensures that a highly effective additional barrier to mitigate the threat of flooding can be quickly put in place.  Following its use the system can be quickly dis-assembled and fully reused following clean-up at one of our facilities.

The Company took the same environmentally friendly approach when it introduced an Above Ground Water Storage system to contain fresh water for fracking applications. Portadam’s system does not require blasting and dramatically reduces erosion concerns.