Cofferdam Overview

For nearly four decades, Portadam has been utilized as an effective temporary cofferdam solution providing contractors a dry work condition while saving both time and money.

Traditional cofferdam and water diversion approaches are often specified to allow the work to take place in the dry, but these can be very cumbersome – from a cost, environmental and scheduling perspective. Subsurface conditions, site conditions, site access and logistics often pose significant challenges to identifying the optimal design of a comprehensive engineered solution.

Our engineered system has been used in over 5000 water-related projects both nationally and internationally. The Portadam system has no environmental impact due to its freestanding nature. Additionally, no ground penetration is typically required, thereby minimizing subsurface risk (environmental, cost and schedule) usually associated with sheet piling. An added benefit is that dewatering of excavated material is minimized.

Key Characteristics
• Flexible design allows custom layout
• Cost effective versus sheet piling
• Can be used in flowing waters
• Leaves subsurface undisturbed
• Schedule advantages