Portfolio of Flood Fighting Solutions

Portadam offers a wide range of cost effective, robust & secure solutions ranging is system heights from 16" to 12'. Our engineered systems can meet the demands of a wide variety of protection requirements and site conditions. The most common systems deployed are:

      • Portadam 5’ System
      • Portadam 7’ System
      • Geodesign Barrier P-series (up to 40”)
      • Geodesign Barrier C-series (up to 10')

The systems are capable of performing in flowing water. They retain water up to 100% of the system height. The solutions are easy to install and have been proven effective for decades around the world.

Key Advantages
  • -Ease of storage, transport and deployment

Example: 164 linear feet of 40” protection stored in a single 4’ x 5’ x 4’ portable, stackable crate

  • -Setup/Removal time is a fraction of sandbags and other labor intensive methods

Example: 164 linear feet of 40” protection deployed by 2 person crew in less than 25 minutes

  • -Modular – Can be constructed in virtually any Configuration
  • -Allows for storage near to high flood risk areas
  • -No cleanup or disposal costs
  • -Lower labor and equipment requirements
  • -Reusable
  • -Designed for decades of use






40" system installation demonstration: 2 workers, about 25 minutes, 164 linear feet deployed.