Portadam Overview

Established over 35 years ago, Portadam offers its water management solutions to national and international clients. Our engineered, modular system is highly flexible and can be used effectively for temporary cofferdam, flood protection and fluid storage needs.

When deployed as a temporary cofferdam, our equipment enables contractors to perform their in-water work in a dry condition. The system is currently available in heights up to 12 ft and individual units can be quickly combined to accommodate varying subsurface elevations and configurations/contours helping to minimize the contractor’s overall rental costs.

Portadam has a history of successfully preventing damage from flood waters. The Portadam system can be used to divert floodwaters away from key infrastructure such as emergency response centers, treatment plants, power plants, substations, and switching stations. The flexibility of the equipment enables quick installation on unprepared surfaces and along almost any desired line.

The Portadam system can also be configured for above ground water storage for energy and industrial applications. Portadam water storage systems are commonly installed in the North American Shale regions where its environmentally friendly design enables Oil & Gas Exploration and Production companies to meet DCNR and EPA regulations as well as local Township permitting requirements. Portadam provides significant environmental benefits as compared to in-ground impoundments or traditional frac tanks. Benefits include no need for blasting, limited reclamation after use, decreased land use & disturbance and reduced trucking requirements.